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1. What is Steam?
Steam is a video game digital distribution service started in 2003 with a massive catalog of games. It is used by millions of gamers around the world every day.
2. Why did we move to Steam?
Steam allows us to take advantage of popular community features such as message boards, achievements, and auto-updates. Steam has its fingers on the pulse of the gaming community and we wanted to be a part of it. Also, HD Poker for web was originally built on Adobe Flash, a software which will soon be disabled on commonly used browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Playing via Steam allows you to carry on without needing this outdated software.
3. Will I lose my progress?
Absolutely not! Your HDIO email/password or Facebook login will continue to work, and our collection will remain intact. After installing the game through steam, simply login the same way you always have and you'll be back in action!
4. What if I don't want to play on Steam?
You can also play on your mobile device with your same account - search the App Store or Google play for hdpoker, and then login with your HDIO email/password or Facebook account on mobile to have the same access to your original account! Our web browser version of the game is being upgraded to html5 - when that's ready, you'll be able to play through your browser again if you'd like!

Important note: We're working on getting HD Poker for Mac users - in the interim, Mac users will have to use their mobile device or a PC to play.